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What to do when bees chase you?

The best advice is to avoid contact with honey bees, but in cases when this is not possible, it is important to know what to do.

Almost all cases of bee attacks are due to some provocation, like noise or vibration near the hive, or other form of disturbance. Once the bees are upset and attack, the best advice is to:

RUN away as fast as possible.

Bees use pheromones to alert other bees to the threatening situation. If they perceive you as a threat, they would attack you, and longer you stay, more bees will come.

Standing sill in attempt to fool the bees wont work.

Do not try to fight the bees with your hands since this makes them even more upset. Just run as fast as possible to a safe place.

While escaping, find something to cover yourself with. If you have a jacket, coat or something else, use it to cover your head. Protect your eyes and face if possible, but cover your head so that your view is not obstructed, and you can easily escape to a safe place.

If you don’t have anything to cover your head, then pull your blouse over your face. Bee stings in chest and abdomen area are far less serious than those to the head.

Find shelter as soon as possible, ideally in a closed and dark area.

Some bees will probably enter with you in your shelter, and if you are still sting by bees, remember that each bee can sting only once.

If you can’t find shelter, just keep running. When far away they might leave you alone.

Don’t jump into the water to avoid bees as they will wait for you until you come out.

Once you are safe from the bees, take a second and evaluate the situation. If you have been stung many times or you know you are allergic, then seek medical assistance immediately.

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