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What happens when you eat too much honey?

What happens when you eat too much honey?

Eating too much honey can cause some serious problems. Overdose with honey leads to suppression of the body and acceleration of the work of the pancreas. It can dramatically increase the sugar level, cause allergy, and even increase body weight.

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Еxcess of anything is bad, so like any other food, excessive consumption of honey can also have its consequences. Honey may have antioxidant and anticancer properties, but as added sugar it also contributes to the excess of calories to an individual’s diet.

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Honey is a natural sweetener, but this does not mean it should be consumed without limits, since too much sugar can cause serious health problems.

One tablespoon of honey (approx. 21 grams) contains 64 calories, (17.3 grams of sugar) – US Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is recommended that daily intake from added sugars should be less than 100 calories a day for women and 150 calories a day for men (American Heart Association).

According to this we can say that the recommended daily consumption of honey should not exceed two tablespoons for women and three tablespoons for men.

Don’t give honey to babies under the age of 1 year. This can cause a rare but serious gastrointestinal condition – infant botulism.

Eating too much honey, can cause several negative effects like:

  1. Honey can increase blood sugar level
  2. When taken in excess, there is a risk of low blood pressure that can also affect the functioning of your heart.
  3. Can lead to stomach issues – Cramping, Constipation, Bloating.
  4. Weight Gain
  5. Dental problems – erosion of enamel of teeth, cavities, tooth decay
  6. Some people are sensitive or allergic to specific components in honey, particularly bee pollen. Although rare, bee pollen allergies can cause serious, and sometimes fatal, adverse reactions.

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